Save Tiger Mission - Nations join hands to double the tiger count by 2022

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Save Tiger Mission13 nations around the globe have join hands to deprive the specie of tigers from falling on the verge of extinction. The nations that are the residence for the tigers have pledged to double the count of 3,200 gigantic cats by the year 2022 in their woods. The pledge of supporting the tiger count got incepted by a defining strong plan, which came in to consideration in Bali, Indonesia by the World Bank's Global Tiger Initiative along with the range countries. The plan will enlighten tigers' conservation in the first ever global summit to be held in St Petersburg, Russia this coming September. The summit will witness an active participation of countries like Banglandesh, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan and Russia. Since the tigers in India are declining at faster pace due to which wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India are under severe threat; India will also be seen as an active participant in the summit.

Moreover, the markets round the globe have multiplied the demand of tiger's attires; the decade of 20th Century saw a voluminous downfall in the count of tigers by 97% that was around a lakh or two. Therefore, the delegates at the recent meet did emphasize to formulate a plan to be adopted at the tiger summit that will highlight the program of Global Tiger Recovery. The plan will also jot down the laws against illegal trafficking of the striped cats, and will take initiatives to protect the integral tiger habitats in the countries that are an abode to them. Thus, the declaration will serve as a luminous step to bolster the enforcement law and national legislation to conflict illegal acts against the big cats in the woods, thereby providing safety to them, their abode and victims.

However, the governments that have the tigers in their woods must improvise to enhance its count. Like the wildlife in India can be success only when the officials take firm steps to protect the lives of striped cats, and this will also milk the worth of wildlife tourism in India.

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