Books: ‘Communalism Explained! – A graphic Account’ launched

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Lucknow: Oxfam India in collaboration with World Comics India and Vani Prakashan released a book –‘Communalism Explained! – A graphic Account’ co-authored by Ram Punyani, a noted author and Sharad Sharma, a cartoonist and founder of World Comics India network at a function organized at Urdu Department of Lucknow University (LU) on Monday. The book has been launched in both Hindi and English.

The book gives a broad overview of the phenomenon of communalism and terrorism, which has gripped the country and other parts of the World through a comical representation which is extremely interactive and easy to understand. The book is available in both Hindi and English and in formats like comics, books, videos, etc. which are available free to download allowing individuals to share and give their own inputs and ideas and be part of the larger movement against communalism.

The book launch was followed by an exhibition of wall posters and seminar to further this into a nationwide campaign. Rashmi Kala of Oxfam stated that from here the idea is to move further into the domain of communalism in the form of grassroot comics workshops, film shows, discussions etc. to mobilise the masses for participation to help bring out the inner most voices.

Main speakers of the seminar were social activist and former V.C. of Lucknow University, Prof. Roop Rekha Verma, Writer and activist Mr. Ram Puniyani, Head of Anthropology Deptt., Lucknow University, Prof. Nadeem Hasnain and Mr. Sharad Sharma, cartoonist and Founder, World Comics Network and Acting Regional Manager, Oxfam India, Mr. Ravindra Kumar Singh.

The author of the book, Communalism Explained!, Ram Punyani said, “The book is a broad overview of the phenomenon of communalism and terrorism, which has gripped the country and other parts of the world. The narrative in the book begins with the demolition of Babri Mosque on December 6, 1992, goes on to the horrific violence, which followed the Babri demolition and tries to understand the forces, which instigate and sustain the violence. It also covers the tragedy of Godhra train catching fire and the carnage unleashed on that pretext. It gives the extracts from Citizens Tribunal, Banerjee Commission and the Tehelka expose on the carnage.”

Former V.C. of Lucknow University and social activist, Prof Roop Rekha Verma on this occasion said that religion enters our life in a very subtle manner from our childhood only. Through simple dialogues and phrases we are told about religious differences and these differences are added to our identity.

Speaking to the audience on this occasion, Prof. Nadeem Hasnain, Head, Anthropology Deptt, Lucknow University discussed about the role of state and media in addressing the issue of communalism.

“This book is an attempt to present the issue at hand in simple manner for the average reader, students and youth. The question answer form delineates the issues and prompts the reader to think about the topic. The graphic form makes it easy for the reader to comprehend the issues in an easy form”, said Sharad Sharma, the cartoonist and the founder of the World Comics Network.

Source :- prwire