Infibeam Makes Available Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven

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This book will tell you about a strange young woman Katie who suddenly appears in a small town of Southport-North Carolina and this sudden appearance brings forth questions from her past. She is beautiful and self - modest and decides not to get into any personal relationships, but she gets involved into two unwilling relationships. One was with Alex; he was widowed and owned a store, was very kind at heart and had two children. The second relationship was with Jo, who was her neighbor and was single. She starts to get more attached to Alex and his family.

Though she is love with Alex, she is still haunted with what happened to her in the past. It was this past that made her to take a fearful, and shattering journey across the country and going all the way to a quiet and sheltered oasis of Southport. While Jo being so empathic and giving constant support, Katie then feels that she needs to decide and make a choice between lives that will give her temporary safety or the one that will be riskier but will give her rewards later. This means that she had to choose between Alex and Jo because only true love gives you Safe Haven.

Read this book to find out what will Katie decide to choose. What had happened to her in the past? Why did she move to another place? Why was she not able to take a decision about whom to spend life with? Read this book and book a copy now on


About The Author:-
Sparks was born on 31st December, 1965 and is an internationally Bestselling American Novelist and screenwriter. He is a proud author of 17 novels and out of which 7 have been converted to films. He was brought up as a Roman Catholic but is of a German, Czech, English and Irish ancestry. In 1985 during school days he wrote his first novel The Passing during his summer vacation. Sparks majored in business finance and graduated with honors in 1988. In 1990, Sparks co-wrote with Billy Mills Wokini: A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Self - Understanding. Sparks began to write his 16th novel, Safe Havenin February 2010, and it was finally published in September 2010.

By:- Rachna Rawat