Infibeam Takes Pre-Order For Love Chocolate And Medicine By Dr Ravi Krishna

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Life of a Medical Student is very miserable and boring. They don't really get the time to enjoy or have fun in their life. They actually don't have a personal life, this is what we have been thinking all this while but this book will change opinions and thoughts. Love, Chocolate and Medicine is a story of a young lad Himanshu, who had just passed out with good numbers from high school and was forcefully admitted in a Medical School so that he could have a stable and bright future.

The school was far off from his home so his parents put him the hostel. For the first time he was staying away from home among people he never met before. He plans to flee from the hostel and get rid of things that were happening to him. His roommate would steal his soap, he had stand before naked bodies while learning how to cut them, the new books that were making no sense to him as he was least interested in them, his friends who hated him but would pass fake smiles on him being with them and to top this all a senior girl would molest him. He had many more problems to face ahead in the future.

Himanshu had just begun to settle off in the atmosphere and all that was happening and then the day comes when the love bird shit on him. Moving between love lust, friendship and medicine, he realized that this was just the beginning and there is a lot more to come and experience. Will he be able to cope with things? Will he continue to study or will he run away? Pre-order this book now from and know what exactly happened.


About the Author:-
Dr. Ravi Krishna
the author of this book had achieved a Doctorate in Medicine. After he completed his MBBS from Kochi he is now pursuing a Post Graduation Degree in General Surgery. He always had interest in writing and was passionate about writing a book. He is also fond of dancing, sketching and writing poetry. Currently he is working on writing his second novel "Four Feet".

By:- Rachna Rawat