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Unlike Paulo Coelho's Manuscript Found in Accra is a well thought and written book. This book takes you to the 1099, where the people of Jerusalem are eagerly awaiting the invasion of the crusaders who have blocked the city. Within the ancient walls, all the men, women, children have gathered to listen to the pious words of the Copt known to a mysterious man in the city. He has asked people to gather to help them get rid of their fears and learn to face them.

He told people that there will be war after peace, grief after joy. He told people that no one can tell what will happen tomorrow so try to analyze each current day not what will happen in the future or what happened in the past. People ask him loads of question like "What is success?" And he says "It is going to bed each night with our soul at peace".

In his this book you come across yourself, your own fears, and are able to make a better future with the knowledge passed from the past. You will be able to study yourself and analyze your acts daily to make a better person for the future. It is a book that has complete knowledge personal growth, everyday wisdom and joy. And these insights were transcribed and passed ahead which were found in the caves Cairo. Like his previous books it if filled with knowledge and wisdom that you can carry with you in your life. Don't miss this opportunity and pre-order this book now from and get free shipping across India.


About the Author
Paulo Coelho is one of the finest and influential writers of the present time. He has written many books that have been the best selling books like The Alchemist, Aleph, Eleven Minutes and The Pilgrimage. Most of his books have been translated to more than 74 languages. Also the member of Brazilian Academy of Letters in 2002 and later in 2007 he was named as the United Nations Messenger of Peace. He has won many prestigious awards like Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum and Frances Legion d'Honneur.

By:- Rachna Rawat