Follow Every Rainbow - A Women Centric Book is on Pre-order on Infibeam

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Rashmi Bansal has written this book keeping in mind the women of today. She has taken up the life stories of 25 women who are entrepreneurs and home makers both. This book is names after the famous song of the movie "The Sound of Music". She wants to tell everyone how women work hard in their everyday lives, specially these 25 women who running their own business and also take good care of their home and family. Not missing on any moment of their business and family.

She has very nicely brought to us what difficulties they had to face to get success. Meena Bindra, Jasu Shilpi and Nina Lekhi are among the 25 women who took the challenge to be enterprising women and be the best person to take care of their homes. They did this with loads of love, laugh and extreme patience. They have been doing multiple tasks, getting tired but still never gave up on any situation. They have been able to prove that women can do multiple tasks and still smile all day long. There are many women in the world who are living this style of life. Yes, women are different, they think differently and act differently still they manage to be successful in both the places.

You cannot expect from a man to do both the household work and the office. We have created a mindset that they are bread earners and so they will not do the housework, but Rashmi has proved this point also wrong by showing how women have managed to both and get successful like men. You can know what hurdles were faced and how they managed to overcome by pre-ordering this book from

About the Author:
Rashmi Bansal is successful writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert. She has written books that have been the bestselling. Each book comes with a special message and is aimed at a particular subject. Her books Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots, I Have a Dream, and Poor Little Rich Slum were books related to entrepreneurship. She has always written books that have encouraged people all over. She is also the co-founder of JAM (Just Another Magazine). She has also been a Consulting Editor with business new channel Bloomberg UTV.

By:- Rachna Rawat