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Wish Lists Improve Your Buying Stats!
Wish lists are a common way of listing out one's future desires. Today, ecommerce sites have included wish lists as a way to encourage buyers to return and make more purchases. Buyers can add their favourite products to their wish list which they come ...
19 Jun, 2009
Ford Fiesta offers smart steering optimises safety & accuracy
Ford's Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) system helps deliver improved fuel economy, great maneuverability and responsive handling as well as compensating automatically for the small suspension and tyre changes that are a normal part of service wear.
5 May, 2009
Intelligent Headlamp Control system developed by Continental
Continuously adjusting the illumination range of the vehicle headlamps to the traffic situation and the immediate surroundings produces safety benefits – Continental's digital video camera controls the system.
25 Mar, 2009
New E-Guard models from Mercedes-Benz
New E-Guard models from Mercedes-Benz: Original bodyshell with a network of protective features
10 Feb, 2009
5 Launches Religion & Spirituality Store
With increasing stress in today's lifestyle, people are resorting to time-honored solutions from Religion and Spirituality. But, very often they get duped by merchants selling fake wares. aims to provide the much needed succor with authentic ...
9 Jan, 2009