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Sylvia Day's Latest Novel Afterburn And Aftershock Now Available @Infibeam
An Interview with America's premiere author of provocative fiction, #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day on her latest title Afterburn | Aftershock from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin.
10 May, 2014
Bal Narendra - A Real Life Comic Book Of Narendra Modi Now Available Exclusively On Infibeam
Infibeam announces the exclusive launch of Bal Narendra, a real life comic book based on the childhood of BJP Prime Minister candidature Mr Narendra Modi. Compassion, patriotism, selflessness, bravery, presence of mind and quick-wittedness are some of ...
22 Mar, 2014
Be Careful What You Wish For book by Jeffrey Archer is available on Infibeam at Best Price
Another Epic Saga of Jeffrey Archer's Clifton Chronicles - Be Careful What You Wish For has finally been released. This is the fourth book of the Clifton Chronicles Series where the Barrington - Clifton family is found entrapped in some financial ...
14 Mar, 2014
Preorder India 2014 On Infibeam & Avail Rs. 100 Gift Voucher For Free
India 2014 is a general knowledge book with comprehensive sections on various subjects detailed information about progress of India in various fields. India 2014 by Publication Divison is yet another great reference book for all. The book is a treasure ...
19 Feb, 2014
Pre-Order Suhail Mathur'S The Bhairav Putras From Infibeam.com At 30% Off
"The Bhairav Putras" is a story of Bhairavgarh and the rebellion of its people against the Britishers by a debutant writer Suhail Mathur. This book will be released by mid February and you can pre-order this book now from Infibeam.com.
3 Feb, 2014
Dr. Kiriti Sengupta's Latest 'My Glass Of Wine' Is Up For Sales At Infibeam.Com
My Glass Of Wine, a collection of autobiographical poetry by Dr. Kiriti Sengutpa is now available at Infibeam.com. Dr. Kiriti Sengupta has created a buzz in the literature world with his previous books 'The Unheard I' and 'Reciting Pens'.
25 Jan, 2014
Rahul Saini's Paperback Dreams - A Must Read for all Budding Authors
Infibeam houses the latest Rahul Saini's novel, Paperback Dreams that deals with the ordeals that the budding authors might face at present. Almost everyone these days wants to get rich and famous overnight and one of the easiest ways that people think ...
13 Jan, 2014
Mary Kom Writes Her Life's Story in Unbreakable: An Autobiography
MC Mary Kom has cut a special place in India's list of super sports star with her amazing feat of becoming 5 times world boxing champion and Bronze Medal winner at Olympics in 2012. She bares her heart out in her autobiography Unbreakable- An ...
30 Nov, 2013
Infibeam Accepts Preorders For Anand Neelakantan's Latest Book Ajaya
The author Anand Neelakantan of the Asura :Tale of the Vanquished fame, is out with his latest book Ajaya: Epic Of The Kaurava Clan: Roll Of The Dice is on preorder at infibeam.com, one of the most popular online shopping destinations.
25 Nov, 2013
Master Blaster to Master Laster: Inconvenient Truths on Tendulkar
In a cricket-crazy country where the game enjoys the status of a religion and players are hero-worshipped, Sumit Chakraberty, author of Master Laster: What They Don't Tell You About Sachin Tendulkar, dares to tell some inconvenient truths about the God ...
22 Nov, 2013
Disha Chhabra, A Debut Author Who Inspires To Love, Dream And Believe In Yourself
Disha Chhabra's novel "My Beloved’s MBA Plans" is a perfect concoction of love and ambitions. The book is a well thought idea and definitely put in an extremely gripping way.
4 Sep, 2013
Milkha Singh's Candid Autobiography Is On Preorder At Infibeam.com
Milkha Singh, the star Indian athlete has complied a candid autobiography dubbed as 'The Race Of My Life' which is about to be released soon in India. Infibeam.com is currently taking preorders for this inspiration autobiography.
13 Jul, 2013
Infibeam Houses Piyush Jha Latest Crime Fiction The Compass Box Killer
Author of the popular crime fiction Mumbaistan, Piyush Jha, is out with his latest book series starring his creation Inspector Virkar, 'The Compass Box Killer' is the first one in the series. Virkar is presented with a challenge to track down a shrewd, ...
9 Jul, 2013
In Red Jihad, Sami Ahmad Khan Explores The Popular Theme Of Annihilation
Red Jihad: Battle for South Asia is an award winning novel by Sami Ahmad Khan focusing on the theme of world annihilation initiating in Asia. Read on to know what happens when Pakistani jihadi leader ties the knot of friendship with Agyaat, an Indian ...
1 Jun, 2013
Pull Up Your Socks To Read The Chick Lit Sequel To Devil Wears Prada This Summer
'Revenge Wears Prada' the sequel is about to release almost after a decade of the success of Devil Wears Prada which has now also turned into a Hollywood blockbuster film. It is the most anticipated Chick Lit of the year.
25 May, 2013
Grab Your Hands on the Recently Launched Shrayan from Infibeam
Shrayan by Abha Iyengar a story that is attention-grabbing and leaves you obsessed by the passion seen in the story that is well thought and drafted. Filled with imagery and imaginations that leave you spell bound till the end.
14 Feb, 2013
Infibeam Makes Available To Its Customers James Patterson's Private: No.1 Suspect
James Patterson's Private: No.1 Suspect is a world class book that talks about an investigation firm that is now available on Infibeam at a cost as low as Rs.263/-. This story has action, thrill and a lot of twist and turns in the story. A firm named ...
10 Jan, 2013
Infibeam Takes Pre-Order For Chetan Bhagat's 2 States In Hindi
2 States is the story of Chetan Bhagat's marriage which is now also available in Hindi. He has described a lot of things and has brought to us the problems that will be faced in a love marriage and how things need to be handled.
11 Oct, 2012